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The main framework of the speaker system consists of inner and outer frames. The two-layer, 36 mm total thickness sandwich-glued MDF enclosure reduces vibrations. The woofers and wide-range drivers are mounted on separate façade panels. The panels separated from each other prevent the low frequencies from moving through the enclosure towards the wide-range drivers. The above methods reduce audio signal distortion. The acoustically transparent back of the system is covered by a removable frame upholstered with a black acoustic fabric. 


A passive second-order three-band crossover is manufactured using high-quality, hand-selected and paired audio class components: metallized polypropylene capacitors, metal oxide resistors, low-resistance induction coils. Notch filters are not used in the filter. The division frequencies of the bands are 330 Hz and 6.2 kHz. With the aid of the crossover, the phase characteristics of the speaker drivers are perfectly matched.

Speaker drivers

The three-band system consists of 2 x 12” parallel-connected woofers, 2 x 8" midrange drivers and 1” tweeter. The woofers are designed and manufactured exclusively for Silent Pound acoustic systems. These powerful and ultra-high 24 mm (p-p) step speakers emit a frequency of 300 Hz to 26 Hz without a drop in sound level. The horn-shaped compression high-frequency driver with titanium diaphragm has a crystal-clear sound and good off-axis characteristics. The speaker drivers laid out in the MTM (midwoofer-tweeter-midwoofer) configuration play an important role in producing sound. This reduces the number of reflections on the vertical axis and makes the soundstage closer and brighter. Suspension of midrange drivers and woofer are made of impregnated fabric. Compared to rubber and polypropylene hangers, the fabrics are more durable, move faster and have less inertia.



The 10 kg and 15 mm thick steel base distributes the centre of gravity so that the system stands stable and does not tip over, and the adjustable feet allow you to change the angle of the system. The combination of three feet guarantees stability on any surface, which is quite hard to achieve with four support points. Gold-plated BANAN sockets are installed to connect the system to an amplifier.


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