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Large and detailed soundstage, and spacious sound will allow you to indulge in your favourite music. As the speaker system itself, its sound is very open, fast and accurate.

Rear reflections

This is a special and exclusive feature of dipole and open type speakers. The sound waves reflected from the rear and side walls return a few milliseconds later than the direct sound. Our brain sums up the sounds we receive and performs an interpretation of its perception of space. The audible result is extremely realistic. The main uniqueness is the big and clear soundstage. The instruments sound as if they were played live, not played back in a stereo system. Sound is completely different than from traditional boxes. The music sounds notably tuneful and emotional, and the neatly recorded vocals as if breathe to your nose. 

Low frequency

The woofer is not locked into a box, is extremely fast and accurate, without any resonance. Even when listening to music quietly in the evening, you will hear uncompressed lowest notes. It’s an interesting fact that you won’t hear low-frequency rumbling in adjacent rooms. The low frequency in the listening room stays there. The weak point of most open baffle sound systems is the lack of low frequency. We are pleased to have completely resolved this issue in our systems by using custom-made woofers of specific parameters and a U-shaped frame specially manufactured for us. Up to 26 Hz, the frequency propagates without a drop in sound level.


Speed and dynamics are another feature of open-type speakers. The speakers in the closed box create pressure differences inside and outside the box as they move, making their movement difficult. Open systems do not have such problems, so the speakers move extremely fast and dynamically.

The speaker drivers laid out in the MTM (midwoofer-tweeter-midwoofer) configuration play an important role in producing sound. This reduces the number of reflections on the vertical axis and makes the soundstage closer and brighter.

The sounds reproduced by an open-type system have less interaction with the room than traditional box speakers, the low frequency resonates less, and is more expressive. Good results can also be obtained in acoustically unattractive (high-reflection) rooms.  

Here are some basic conditions for an open-type speaker room:
   •   The sound from the back of the speakers must be reflected from an adjacent surface or wall. The sound-absorbing surface is not suitable;
   •   The distance from the rear wall to the speaker should be at least 90 cm;
   •   The listening room should be at least 25 sq. m.

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