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About us

In the quaint, historically rich city of Kaunas, Lithuania, a curious blend of melodies and scientific inquiry echoed through the youthful years of Audrius Balciunas. Growing up amidst a family where the strum of guitars met with the rhythm of scientific discourse, Audrius’ affinity for music and science was not mere happenstance. It was a living legacy. As the nights blended with the beats of electronic music, Audrius, known amidst the vivacious circles of Lithuanian nightlife as DJ Svarelis, a tender homage to the word ‘pound’ in Lithuanian, spun records that resonated through the hearts of the crowd.

“The idea was simple yet profound—to craft a set of speakers for himself...”

Yet, amidst the reverberating beats, Audrius’ analytical mind yearned for a clarity of sound that matched the clarity of thought he found in engineering. The passion coursing through him led him to an endeavor not driven by commercial aspirations, but by a personal quest for acoustical perfection. The idea was simple yet profound—to craft a set of speakers for himself, a set that would dance to the precise tune of his discerning taste.

As Audrius delved deeper into the technical realms of sound, his engineering background became both a compass and a companion. However, as the complexity of the quest unraveled, it led him to the hallowed halls of Kaunas Technology University (KTU), a place where science wasn’t just taught, but lived. Here, amidst seasoned scientists specializing in physics and acoustics, Audrius found both the knowledge and the camaraderie his project required. With their help, the endless hours spent on modeling and measuring bore fruit, culminating in a patent pending for a unique design of the middle-range section of the speaker.

And as the notes of success played through the newly designed speakers, what echoed back was not just music, but the whisper of potential. Potential that what started as a personal project could transcend to something greater, something that could redefine acoustic experiences for others. It was at this juncture that Martynas, now the co-founder, joined Audrius in what was to be a crescendo of innovation and craftsmanship. Together, they embarked on a journey to refine and define. The aesthetic appeal of their creation was not left to chance; a Korean industrial designer was brought on board, weaving together form and function into the Silent Pound speakers.

“The Silent Pound speakers were more than just an audio equipment...”

Silent Pound wasn’t just a brand; it was a narrative of passion, precision, and the power of collaboration. It was a story where the resonance of music met the resonance of scientific inquiry, leading to a creation that boasted three times less room resonance. The Silent Pound speakers were more than just an audio equipment; they were a testament to Audrius’ quest, a journey from the heartbeats of a young DJ to the heartbeat of acoustic innovation.

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