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Engineered with Material Fidelity

These speakers have been meticulously designed and constructed with a strong emphasis on the quality of the materials used. A hands-on, attentive approach to the creation process, where the craftsmanship is central. “Material Fidelity” refers to the faithfulness and integrity of the materials, indicating that only the highest quality substances have been selected to ensure that the speakers not only look and feel premium but also contribute to the purity and clarity of the sound they produce. This title conveys that the physical components of the speakers are as finely tuned as the acoustic output.

Studio Sound in any Environment

High-quality audio-grade crossover components

Utilizing audio-grade components in the crossover guarantees high precision and quality in the signal path. This leads to more accurate frequency separation and ensures a cohesive, balanced sound across the audible spectrum.
In a distinctive design choice, the crossover in the Challenger series is not just a hidden technical marvel but also a visual highlight. Elegantly installed beneath a panel of tempered glass, it showcases the intricate and precise engineering inherent in our speakers. This tempered glass, chosen for its durability over organic alternatives, ensures the crossover remains securely protected, maintaining a pristine, scratch-free appearance that endures over time.

Pro series speakers only

Our Pro series speakers distinguish themselves with unparalleled precision and powerful motors, enabling them to withstand higher loads, offer superior cooling, deliver louder playback, and achieve greater longevity. The suspensions of the mid and low-frequency drivers are crafted from a specially impregnated material. Compared to conventional rubber and polypropylene suspensions, our fabric-based suspensions are more durable, respond more swiftly, and exhibit lower inertia.

Extra firm MDF facade with an inlaid horn

The horn, also known as a waveguide, is a passive device designed for directing and amplifying sound. In the Challenger speakers, it is seamlessly integrated into the design thus becoming a unified part of the extra firm MDF facade. This contributes to precise sound directionality and controlled dispersion and results in a more focused and immersive soundstage.

Aluminum frame back panel covered with acoustic fabric

The system’s sound-permeable rear is elegantly concealed by a removable frame made of aluminum, enveloped in black acoustic fabric. Aluminum is chosen for its excellent acoustic properties and minimal resonance, ensuring optimal sound transmission. The frame secures effortlessly with neodymium magnets, facilitating the operation of low-frequency drivers in an open enclosure design. This setup not only enhances sound quality but also presents a visually sleek and refined finish.

Stainless steel legs

Powder paint coated, with rubber pads
 – Adjustable, allowing the tilt angle to be changed
The legs are coated with powder paint and equipped with rubber pads to minimize surface vibrations, while the adjustable legs allow for fine-tuning the tilt angle, optimizing the speaker’s positioning for the listening area.

Gold plated banana plugs

Gold plated banana plugs ensure a high-quality, corrosion-resistant connection. This leads to lower signal resistance and a purer audio path, which is essential for maintaining the integrity of the sound from the source to the speakers.

Body made of steel

Bent with CNC machines – 10 mm thick steel base
 – Powder paint coated
The body has an inner and and outer frame. A two layered sandwich of MDF glued to the metal outer shell. Such body offers superior structural integrity and vibration resistance. This material choice minimizes unwanted resonances that can color the sound, ensuring that the audio remains pure and unaltered. Precision in the construction process is ensured by the use of CNC machines to bend the steel, maintaining exact dimensions and angles. Additionally, a robust 10 mm thick steel base aids in weight distribution and significantly enhances the speaker’s stability.

Color Option


Constant directivity Audio system
4 Ohm Impedance
88 db Sensitivity
124 cm X 36 cm x 35 cm Dimensions
30 Hz - 18 kHz Frequency range
〜 60 kg/unit Weight
Minimum impedance3.2 Ohm
Speaker drivers
  • 2 x 300 mm (12”) woofers designed exclusively for Silent Pound systems
  • 2 x 160 mm (6”) Midwoofer
  • 1” compression driver
  • MTM (midwoofer-tweeter-midwoofer) driver array
  • 3.5 way speakers
ConfigurationRecommended amplifier 100-400W


The Silent Pound Challenger speakers are three-way floorstanding units featuring constant directivity and a unique patent-pending mid-frequency enclosure. They excel in reducing room resonances, are suitable for various room sizes, and come in a range of custom finishes.

For the best audio performance, place the speakers at least 50 cm from the back wall and ensure they are symmetrically aligned with the side walls of the room. This setup helps in achieving a balanced soundstage and optimal bass response.

The speakers work best with solid-state amplifiers rated between 100 – 400 watts per channel at 4 Ohms. High-quality, stable amplification with a good damping factor will ensure dynamic sound reproduction and maintain speaker integrity.

Yes, the standard options for the Challenger speakers are available in black, white, and oak finishes. For more personalized options, you can contact an authorized dealer to explore a variety of custom colors and finishes, allowing you to tailor the appearance to match your decor perfectly.

The speakers come with a warranty that covers manufacturing defects for a specified period from the date of purchase. Details on the duration and coverage of the warranty are provided with the purchase. Returns are accepted under specific conditions within a set period.

You can experience the Challenger speakers at selected audio shows, through authorized dealers, or in designated showrooms. Check our website or contact customer service for information on locations near you.

The Silent Pound Challenger speakers are designed to perform optimally in medium to large-sized rooms, ideally ranging from 25 m² to 150 m². The constant directivity and advanced design help minimize room interactions, ensuring clear and precise sound reproduction in various spaces. For smaller rooms, adjustments in placement may be necessary to achieve the best sound. This flexibility allows the speakers to deliver superior audio quality in a wide range of listening environments.

Yes, the Silent Pound Challenger speakers can be used effectively as a standalone home theater system due to their very holographic soundstage and wide frequency bandwidth. Their capacity to deliver an immersive stereo experience eliminates the need for additional speakers for front left and right channels typically used in surround setups. This allows you to enjoy a rich and enveloping audio experience with just the stereo setup, making them ideal for both music and cinematic content in diverse environments.


  • Constant directivity Audio system
  • 4 OhmImpedance
  • 88 dbSensitivity
  • 124 cm X 36 cm x 35 cmDimensions
  • 30 Hz - 18 kHzFrequency range
  • 〜 60 kg/unitWeight
  • Minimum impedance

    3.2 Ohm

  • Speaker drivers

    2 x 300 mm (12”) woofers designed exclusively for Silent Pound systems 2 x 160 mm (6”) Midwoofer 1” compression driver MTM (midwoofer-tweeter-midwoofer) driver array

  • Configuration

    3.5 way speakers

RRP Starting at 27999 EUR